Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Steps For Safety Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling

Asbestos popcorn ceilings was a huge part of interior in 70's as it was one of the best option which could hide the imperfections of the ceiling very well. With the usage of polymer type substance or the silicate type material the Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling were applied. But with the passage of time popcorn ceilings cause much complex health problems. Even it has been found as a serious reason of lung cancer. If you found asbestos in your ceiling then proper precaution should be taken in order to avoid health problems.


Start with the room checking. If you have doubt that your room ceiling is filled with asbestos material then you shouldn’t stay in that room or live in that room. You should consider calling the professionals as they know to deal with the asbestos material and removing them from your home. Just covering this thing won't be helpful.

Asbestos tests are important for the homes as if the homes are built of 1970's then there are chances that your ceiling contains the asbestos element. Just go online and check by yourself about the asbestos tests. Most of the local GOVT has strict laws about the asbestos in homes so it is important that you consult some professional and let them see what they have to do.

If you found the asbestos in the popcornceilings then it is the time that it should be removed. The removal is not something that easily be completed with single person. There are some special requirements which should be completed in order to remove the ceiling with asbestos. If you don’t have any idea or have a little idea about those then it’s better to avoid doing it by yourself and call the professionals. They won't cost much and wont takes much time.

If you tend to do it by yourself then you shouldn’t scratch the ceiling by yourself. Scratching the ceiling will cause the releasing of the little particles in the air which may be asbestos, and one can inhale easily and thus may suffer from serious health issue later.

If the ceiling remover professionals have completed their work then you should hire some painters because know you will need your ceiling to be painted. Last but not the least is that you should disclose all the asbestos in the ceiling in the document. It is important in some states

Installation Of Crown Moulding

The crown moulding is the most commonly used decorative ad on for the walls. It comes with variety of material including wood, polyurethane and concrete. The price may vary because of the material that’s why most preferred materials are wood and polyurethane. A number of companies out there provide custom make crown moulding as per the provided specification.

Where do they build?

This is quite simple as the designer sends their measurements to the companies where they are made and they create the moulding for that measurement and then they deliver them to address them provided. Not only that many companies even reach to the location where the moulding work has to be done and they carry out the installation work by themselves.

Application of Moulding

The simple formula behind the installation is that measuring the corner right. The installation can be done by yourself as well if you take the proper care about that. Start with the proper measure. Start with holding the moulding to the place on the wall where it needs to be installed. Position it at its best by using a pencil mark the position.

If you need to cut the readymade moulding to fit into the place, then place it on a holder, and at a 45 degree angle cut it at the length you need.  Before the installation the cut sides should be Smooth out with a sanding block. Now by using something such as joint compound, place the moulding where it is required. After the compound dries, it would be better to add nails in it so that the crown moulding stay fixed strongly in position.

Further Notes:

For better furnishing of the corners it’s better to try and fit the cut the corners properly. And with white mud you can fill the rest of the gaps. You can even use this to fill any other gap that may have arisen. And to make it look much smoother you can use hands or a knife on the excess compound and mud.

Once you have used nail in the moulding you can make the hold much stronger with some more compound by using the putty knife and again you will need to smooth out with the sanding block. Though you can do it by yourself but you can call the professional to get the best of crown moulding in your room.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Cleaning Up Flood Water Damage

The damage caused by flood water does more problems than other kinds of water damage repair. Despite of the grey water caused by broken plumbing, this is more sanitary. It can even be classified as the black water, the same category as sewage. The flood water does not stay in just one or two room but it runs on all over the floor.

Basic Tips

First of all you need to remove the item which can be damaged by the flood water. From pictures to picture frames. Any media devise, books and any other item that can be affected. You should look for the cheaper substitute of these items rather than look for rep as this will be much cheaper and safer.
Next you should remove the water standing on the floor. There will be much water to remove and this cannot be dry out with the mop.

Consider using the HEPA vacuum or using some sort of handle pump. Try not to use any electrical item at this moment the wiring of the house is already suffering from the water damage. You should use a water powered sump pump or battery powered.

The ideal solution would be the water power sump pump, since the suction mechanism gets the force when you connect this to a garden hose water valve. These tricks will help you to remove water from your house, and you will be left with less than 1/8" of water which will be easier for mop.

Drying the Rooms

Your next stop would be room drying task. This should be dried with high velocity air dryer. You will need to keep the humidity level under 50 percent which can be measured with the humidity meter. While dehumidifier and dryers are running it would be better to bring the industrial grade purifier in order to remove any microorganisms which are born due to and will be circulating due to the movers.
The process of room drying is not just removing water but you will need to take care of for the mold and mildew.

Wash the rooms with a solution of 25% bleach to water once all of the room surfaces are dried, and then wipe them by using the clear water. Once it is done cover the water stains from the walls and floors with the help of primer and then applies matching paint.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water system is one of the basic needs of any house. How can you imagine living in a home without an effective water system? From dish washing to laundry, daily cleaning, washing, showering and home cleaning services are incomplete without the water system. Our daily lives in our home rely heavily upon a working water system. But what if your domestic water system stared working improperly or malfunctioned. Some times in fact water damage can be a cause of many serious problems if found anything related need to hire water damage repair services immediately.
It is not very uncommon that this can happen to any home system. The point is you should know when to call the water damage and repair system experts to your home. The damages that caused by water to houses can be severe and in this case the home owners are need help of experts to get there repair work completed.

Water Damage Repair

When to alert?

Homeowners do not have enough experience to understand about the damages and this is why they cannot spot the damage at the initial stages. Unless a professional can spot the damage and tell you what to do the owners won't be able to understand the damage by themselves. The professionals will guide you and alert you about what problems can happen in future that can arise from floods in the city. The professionals requires noting some clear signals like foul and weird odors, water marks on the dry walls and mol detection.

Why water damage is not Good?

Water damage has always caused some serious damaged to the house. The damage is not just dangerous in nature but they seem much nastier too. In many cases the water damage the owner and the residents of the house were found to have much serious dieses with germs due to water damage. Popcorn Ceilings can also be affected by water.

Calling the experts:

If you have any doubt about the water damage then make no late in calling the professionals. Most of the time the home owners are unable to detect any water related damage and there could be mold or such water damage related issues which can cause serious damage to health and property. It would be better to call the experts at the right time. The experts can detect the damage even at the hidden spots where normal people cannot have a look. They can detect and take the right action which requires dealing with the problem.

Always call the professional service whenever you feel like your water system seem to have some problem or causing problem. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

DIY Home Improvement the Ceiling Painting for Beginners

If you are thinking about starting the home renovation then it could be quite difficult if you have no idea or haven't done any renovation project before. For the beginners it would better to start some little DIY projects for your home. Though you can even call the experts as well but no way you can feel that pleasure and rewarding feeling of satisfaction while completing it by yourself.

Getting Started:

 Before starting any DIY project start with the collecting or investing on the right tool for you. Start with the nice roller. It would be good of you to have a roller with an extension. You can easily paint the ceiling while standing on the floor or on the ladder. For the texture ceiling you should buy a think nap roller for reaching the bumps or the designs of the ceiling. For the smooth ceilings get roller with the sharp nip for smooth output.

Ceiling Painting

Preparing the Room:

Now it's time to start the task. But before that clear the area as the area could be much massy. Remove the furniture from the room and try to clear as much area as you can for your convenience. It would be better for you to cover the floor tiles, ceiling paintings as well as the paint drops can result in more mess and in some cases can leave mark on floor as well so try to cover the floor with the old news paper of the cover. Also cover the door and window frames as well for more safety.

Primer Application:

Now apply the primer to the ceiling. It is recommended many times as it will help to stay longer the coat of paint and you will only have to apply one coat at a time.

Apply the paint:

Start by painting a 2 to 3 inch strip of paint after the primer has dried with the space where the walls and ceiling are meeting. The method is called the cut in line, and painting with a roller will be much easier, as you will have more manageable border. Start with the corner of the shortest length of ceiling and simply use a brush and a step ladder for this.

Take out the roller and start painting. Paint in a zigzag pattern for better coverage. This is one of the simple ways to complete the task all by you and save bucks as a beginner.

If you had any question in your mind or want more information about Popcorn Ceiling removal contact us.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Steps to Remove Popcorn Ceiling Texture

There was the time when popcorn ceiling was a thing of innovation and a basic part of interior design. It gives the house a modern and sleek look and at that time it was quite unique way to decorate the interior. But now a day's most the home owners of old or traditional homes where it was used, want this to be removed and they want to do it by themselves. Let's talk about the popcorn texture removal process.


Whole process is quite time consuming for a non professional.  Before starting you will need to prepare the place. Starting with the moving the furniture. Move out as much furniture as much you can as the process. You may have some heavy furniture which is not easy to move, so it would be better to cover it with some heavy duty cover. You will also need to cover the walls with the layers of cover as well to avoid any staining.

Make sure your popcorn ceilings are asbestos free. If you are not sure then you should send a sample of your texture to the laboratory and get to know if it is safe to proceed. Or call the professional ceiling removers.

Starting with the applying the water to the ceiling with passes, this is better to let the ceiling soak the water to soften the surface. Water will be helpful in doing the task as the moist texture can easily be scraping off with the joint knife. One thing should be kept in mind that too much water can damage the paper surface of the ceiling and wallboard.
Paint and Prime

If the ceiling was cut while texture removal then use a simple compound joint and skim a thin coat with a knife onto the damage area. Then apply a coat of latex paint when you are finished applying your primer. When the paint has dried, you will need to apply another coat.

Cleaning Up

Once you are done with the task remove the plastic from the walls. You may find some of the texture on the floor but it's not really a big deal it can easily come off. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

For homeowners the popcorn ceiling removal is an option if they are concerned about the presence of asbestos. No doubt that Asbestos is linked to diseases and many of the forms of such asbestos can be found in of 1970's architecture known as cottage cheese or popcorn ceiling. The ceiling where the treatment was done, that resembles the name small, sometimes pointed, bubbles.

Ceiling conditions

  • ·       Water Spots

Water stains are caused by the leaky roofs and they also cause the pristine ceilings. There are a range of products in Paint stores, home construction stores and others stores helpful for dealing with the pesky remnants of water damage. A surface of a water spot can be repaired by stain blocking primer which can be applied to it. The home owner can paint the ceiling once the material is dried.

  • ·      Stains of Ceiling

Mold is one of the major reasons of spot on the ceiling. The professionals answer to this concern that, a solution of bleach and water. Airborne pollutants molds can be eliminated with this cost effective remedy with very little effort. But one should have it in mind that the result might be varying because of surface. The brown stain should be covered with primer sealer emerges if they appear as opposed to paint. The appearance of the ceiling can remain intact as the stain will bleed through and with sealer.

  • ·      Asbestos in Ceiling

For the homeowners that if they find the asbestos found in their ceiling the solutions exist. Pollutants can be breathed by inhabitants when asbestos fibers are exposed to the air, or when you find the damage to the ceiling. The popcorn ceilings removal in these cases is recommended. The ceiling can be removed by a company that offers this service or contacting an asbestos abatement company. By this way the ceiling can be replaced without any potentially dangers DIY actions taken by the homeowner. A sample is tested for the presence of asbestos in a laboratory before starting this.

  • ·      Bottom Line

One of multiple treatments homeowners will find necessary is the acoustic or Popcorn ceiling removal. As you have seen above, homeowners can take some of these options by themselves. There may be positive impact your health and your budget if you keep yourself up to date of the new ways to remedy of home construction issues.